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Alfa City offers properties in Spain!

Alfa City expanded their property map – now offer homes for sale in Spain! We will start with the presenting of 14 beautiful villas, 2 of which are located in the city of Lorca, and the other 12 are in the city of Alicante .

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Pros and Cons of Buying Property in Bulgaria

The Pros Property is cheaper than in many other parts of Europe, with houses in some rural locations as low as 7000 Euros. Good potential for capital growth, with expected accession to the European Union in 2007. Diverse range of

17 Haunting Images Of China’s Ghost Cities

The Chinese government is pushing forward with a massive plan to move 250 million rural townspeople to urban areas over the course of the next 12 to 15 years. In order to meet this goal, it has bulldozed large swaths of

Rights of a foreigner with Visa D in the EU

What happens if you are a citizen of an EU country and get marry to a foreigner who is not a citizen of an EU country and want to travel around Europe? The spouse is entitled with his partner to

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Rates for insurance of foreign citizens in the Republic of Bulgaria

Insurance cover 60,000 lev (€ 30,000).

Alfa City offers properties in Greece!

Most properties are within the area between Paralia Ofrinio (or Tuzla) and Kavala – almost 60 km of properties! Paralia Ofrinio is a resort, located in 58 km from Kavala

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Алфа Сити ще предлага имоти и в Гърция!

Алфа Сити ще предлага имоти и в Гърция! Повечето имоти са разположени в района между Кавала и Паралия Офринио (или Тузла), общо около 60 км. Паралиа Офринио е курортно селище намиращо се на 58 км от Кавала, 28 км от

THE PAST: Bulgarian seaside, summer 1968!

Text: ViewSofia Photography: Press While scouring the blogosphere, we came across something so refreshing and wonderful that I could not share it with you! Something that made us nostalgic for a time when we did not even lived … We