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The endless beaches

…where the sea meets the blue sky!

Visit…..Be enchanted…Love…..Stay……in our beautiful area where the beaches continue naturally throughout the length of the coastal zone at the west part of the prefecture of Kavala : Palho, Nea Hrakleitsa (with marine and sailing club), Nea Peramos (it has a port and a marine) Nea Egnatia, Kariani (it, also, has marine), Orfanio, beach of Ofrynio (Tuzla).

The first thing that you are going to love is the great colour of the sea that all the beaches have….

Sandy, clean, organized beaches with crystal clear water that start from the city of Kavala, are spanned in an area of 80 km, west of the city, and have been awarded with the Blue Flag.

Beach volley, water skiing, surfing, jet skiing, sailing, scuba diving…every sport you love, you can enjoy it or you can just have a cold drink while listening to your favorite music at the exotic beach bar.

The possibilities of daily trips don’t end here. You can start a trip with a lot of destinations since the area features wonderful places of relaxation and many attractions. It combines magically the mountain and the sea, great history with a lot of monuments, unspoiled natural environment, endless beaches, many beautiful traditional villages….

Archaelogical places

The ancient city of Amphipoles

Our area is located between the two cities that were developed during the ancient years, the Amphipoles and the Philippoi. They were joined with the ancient Egnatia road and are surrounded by the sacred and golden mountain of the antiquity, the Paggaio. The development of Amphipoles is reflected on the monumental buildings with the mosaic floors and the frescoes, but, also, at the archaeological foundings. The numerous foundings are exhibited at the archaeological museum of Amphipoles and at the archaeological museum of Kavala. The Festival of Amphipoles is one of the biggest festivals that takes place in the Archaeological park of Amphipoles. Imperious in the centuries, full of secrets, causes for a journey in time.

The archaeological site of Philippoi

The city of Philippoi was named in 356 BC by Great Alexander’s father, Philippos II. The archaeological area of Philippoi can offer to the tourist a mixed tour, since the excavations have brought to light remains of the Hellenistic, the roman, the byzantine and the early Christian period. One of the biggest festivals in Greece takes place every summer in the ancient theatre of Philipoi. Crossroad of history and culture gives the opportunity to relive on a walking the everyday life of the people who lived here centuries ago.


The cave of Alistrate

In Alistrate you can discover one of the most beautiful caves of Greece with a beautiful and rich decoration. During his speleological walk, the visitor of the cave of Alistrate, follow an exemplary path and the feelings from the excess of beauty are unique. From the intense flow of the water in this area stalactites are formed. They are hanging from the ceiling and stalagmites rising from the floor level of the room.

Religious destinations

Mount Athos

Opposite our region, where the sea meets the blue sky, Mount Athos is emerging. The view captivates the visitor, who has the opportunity to navigate with a daily cruise round the beautiful mountain of Mount Athos, see the majestic monasteries that emerge through the rocks and feel the awe being near Mount Athos.

The route of Apostle Paul

‘The Route that Apostle Paul Followed in Greece’ passes through all the places where Apostle preached and constitutes an ideal combination of pilgrimage and sightseeing. Along his route, the arrival and the stay in Kavala were very important. Follow the route Apostle Paul has taken from Philippoi to Amphipoles and experience the power of faith.

Baptistery of Saint Lydia

Little further west of Philippoi, there is the Baptistery of Saint Lydia. In 49 AC Apostle Paul founded at Philippoi the first church in Europe, while baptizing the first European Christian woman, named Lydia. The Baptistery of Saint Lydia is a spectacular monument, worth visiting, since it is universally known and attracts visitors from every part of the world.

Idyllic landscapes

Nestos river

The green formations of the river, is the unique scenery that nature created with imagination. Wild animals and various birds take refuge in the Delta of Nestos river, which is a global migratory station. Nestos flows gently like a serpent, descending the mountain. At the nearby shores rich vegetation is present. You can discover the Straits of Nestos offered for walk, remote hiking and extreme sports.

The ravine of Aggitis river

In the gorge of the Aggitis river, you can admire big and small caves on the rocky slopes of it. The canyon of the river is considered by most as a paradise on earth. The deep and narrow valley, between hard rock, offers the visitor unique beauty and an unprecedented experience. Start endless hiking over stone arch bridges and through forests of oaks and pines!

Lake Kerkini

Lake Kerkini is one of the most important hydrobiospheres of Greece. The combination of the three elements – diversity of vegetation, water and fertile soil- creates an important number of biospheres in the area that vary in their structure and their functionality. Natural shelter of many birds and animals, it will be, also, your shelter of relaxation and entertainment.

Spa tourism

The sources of the thermal baths of Eleftheres are located in a distance of 14 km from our region and in a distance of 1.5 km from the sea, in a verdant valley. They have an hydro therapy in an idyllic landscape. They can offer a different type of tourism, spa tourism, and, also, can be combined with the mud baths of the village of Krinides.

The northen island of Aegean – THASOS

One of the things that make our area attractive is the island of Thasos, the most northen island of Aegean with amazing, velvet beaches and wild mountains. From the city of Kavala, we can travel by ferry to Thasos in 75 minutes and by dolphin in less time. Thasos combines the blue sea with the wild cliffs and the green pine. The island is one of the few in Greece that has a perimeter road giving the opportunity to the visitor to make a tour trip around it admiring the coastal villages and the hidden beaches.

The Location

The access to the area is easy due to Egnatia street and the small distance from the two modern airports, “Macedonia” in Thessaloniki and the airport “Great Alexander” in Kavala. The area is only 40 minutes from all the cities of Eastern Macedonia (Kavala, Drama, Serres) and in a distance of 50 minutes from Thessaloniki and Promachona.

100 km from Thessaloniki
70 km from Serres
60 km from Drama
55 km from Kavala
11o km from Promachona

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