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THE PAST: Bulgarian seaside, summer 1968!

Text: ViewSofia
Photography: Press

While scouring the blogosphere, we came across something so refreshing and wonderful that I could not share it with you! Something that made us nostalgic for a time when we did not even lived …

We found pictures of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast of the past, together in an album named BULGARIAN BLACK SEA COAST, the issue is from Sofia Press and the year is 1968.

The album is entirely in English. Author of the album is Strashimir Rashev layout Strashimir Rashev as well and Konstantin Halatchev. The text is from Boyan Bolgar. Editor – Dimitar Mihaylov, translation (English) Margarita Alexieva, editor of English Nevena Jelqzkova.

According to the blogger hemingway, who is the inventor of this treasure, the album does not have a price printed on the cover, which could means, that it was not for sell, but an advertising material about foreigners. It is owned by a former pilot BGA “Balkan”, so I assume that may have been distributed for promotional purposes on board.

We wish you a really lovely walk through the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in 1968.

Abundance. Picture: Николай Попов.

Kaliakra, Cape of legend. Picture: Сава Бояджиев.

Near Arkoutino. Picture: Петър Божков.

Sea Gulls. Picture: Димо Димов.

Rhapsody in blue. Picture: Димо Димов.

Tauk Liman. Picture: Сава Бояджиев.

At Cape Agalina. Picture: Николай Попов.

The Red Rocks. Picture: Николай Попов.

Dunes near Arkoutino. Picture: Петър Божков.

The white shores of Balchik. Picture: Константин Халачев.

From the park of the Balchik Palace. Picture: Радослав Парушев.

Balchik. The Palace. Picture: Константин Халачев.

The Rock monastery of Aladja. Picture: Константин Халачев.

Dolce farniente. Picture: Петър Божков.

Freshness. Picture: Борис Максимов.

Amid the dunes. Picture: Петър Божков.

Sunset over Balchik. Picture: Константин Халачев.

The shores of Varna. Picture: Радослав Парушев.

The panoramic road. Picture: Димо Димов.

Zlatni Pyassatsi (Golden Sands). Picture: Радослав Парушев.

Golden Sands. The Glarus hotel . Picture: Радослав Парушев.

Holydaymakers. Picture: Радослав Парушев.

Interior of one of the hotels. Picture: Христо Йоцов.

The warm coves of Korenyata. Picture: Николай Попов.

The Albatros Pastry Shop at Drouzhba. Picture: Константин Халачев.

Margarita by the sea. Picture: Константин Халачев.

A find from the sea bottom. Picture: Любомир Димов.

Along the picturesque River Kamchia. Picture: Радослав Парушев.

Farewell to the Black Sea. Picture: Торос Хорисян.

Slunchev Bryag (Sunny Beach) . Picture: Торос Хорисян.

International students centre . Picture: Петър Божков.

Near Drouzhba . Picture: Димо Димов.

My friends wife. Picture: Константин Халачев.

A difficult problem. Picture: Христо Славов.

Who’s taking my picture. Picture: Димо Димов.

On board the pirate ship. Picture: Торос Хорисян.

All out fishing. Picture: Петър Божков.

Carp from the river Ropotamo. Picture: Петър Божков.

Camping. Picture: Николай Попов.

Taking precautions. Picture: Николай Попов.

From down till dusk. Picture: Николай Попов.

Sand sand everywhere. Picture: Петър Божков.

Night at Golden Sands. Picture: Радослав Парушев.

At the night club. Picture: Христо Йоцов.

Miss Varna 1965. Picture: Радослав Парушев.

Return form the beach. Picture: Васил Иванов.

A talk. Picture: Христо Йоцов.

…and grapes. Picture: Христо Йоцов.

At Harmanite. Picture: Николай Попов.

Sun worshipper. Picture: Христо Йоцов.

Baptism in the sea. Picture: Торос Хорисян.

He wаnt go along. Picture: Димо Димов.

On the quiet sheltered beach. Picture: Димо Димов.

Still further south. Picture: Николай Попов.

An interesting find. Picture: Петър Божков.

In the forest by the beach. Picture: Торос Хорисян.

Fishermens chores. Picture: Николай Попов.

At the end of September. Picture: Христо Йоцов.

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