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International real estate exhibitions 2018

International real estate exhibitions 2018 according Global Promotion Group

1 – Kuwait Construction Week 2018

Date:  16 – 20 January 2018

City: Mishref, Kuwait

Venue: Hall 6, Kuwait International Fair

2 – Iran Property Expo 2018

Date:  23-26 January 2018

City: Tehran, Iran

Venue: Tehran Permanent Fairground

3 – St. Petersburg International Property Show 2018

Date:  23-24 March 2018

City: St. Petersburg, Russia

Venue: Hotel Kempinski Moika 22

4 – Real Estate Fair 2018

Date:  23-24 March 2018

City: Kyiv, Ukraine

Venue: NSK Olimpiyskiy


5 – Moscow Overseas Property Show 2018

Date: 30-31 March 2018

City: Moscow, Russia

Venue: Lotte Hotel



Date: 5 – 7 April 2018

City: Baku, Azerbaijan

Venue: Baku Expo Centre

7 – Baku Overseas Property Expo 2018

Date: 6-7 April 2018

City: Baku, Azerbaijan

Venue: Hilton Baku Hotel

8 – International Property Show 2018

Date: 9 – 11 April 2018

City: Dubai, UAE

Venue: Dubai World Trade Centre

9 – Almaty International Property Expo 2018

Date: 13-14 April 2018

City: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Venue: Rixos Almaty

10 – Homes Overseas Russian Awards 2018

Date: 19 April 2018

City: Moscow, Russia

Venue: Information will be updated

11 – Kyiv International Property Show 2018

Date: 20-21 April 2018

City: Kyiv, Ukraine

Venue: Hilton Kyiv



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Alfa City offers properties in Spain!


Alicante Spain

Alfa City expanded their property map – now offer homes for sale in Spain!

We will start with the presenting of 14 beautiful villas, 2 of which are located in the city of Lorca, and the other 12 are in the city of Alicante . Most buildings are located in the area of ??Orihuela Costa, famous for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and white sand, 7 of which have a blue flag, in accordance with the environmental requirements of the European Community. All villas have a modern design and high quality performance. It is possible the opportunity to design your own villa with the support of our professional team.

You can visualize the idea of the interior with a panoramic tour from one of the villas:

Alicante – a magical and beautiful city on the Mediterranean coast – a paradise for tourists and anglers, 125 km away from the city of Valencia in Spain and with a population of about 335,000 people. The city is one of the most important Mediterranean ports located in the heart of the Costa Blanca. The mild climate and beautiful beaches make it a favourite tourist destination. Esplanade promenade is covered in palm trees and covered with over 6 million marble tiles , surely one of the most beautiful avenues in the Mediterranean.

Lorca is a city in the Autonomous Community of Murcia in southeastern Spain. Has a population of 90,924 inhabitants and the entire municipality area of 1676 The town was formed around the river Guadalentin . In Lorca , you can see many historical buildings such as churches , Roman villas , palaces , monuments and works of art. Lorca is a hospitable city suitable for recreation , entertainment , shopping, and the gastronomy is in a high level. There are organized various celebrations that you can visit.

Villa in Spain? – Does not sound bad at all!

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Pros and Cons of Buying Property in Bulgaria

The Pros

  • Property is cheaper than in many other parts of Europe, with houses in some rural locations as low as 7000 Euros.
  • Good potential for capital growth, with expected accession to the European Union in 2007.
  • Diverse range of properties in cities, mountain ski resorts, coastal areas and countryside.
  • Between 200 and 2004, land prices alone tripled in some areas
  • Recognised as an emerging property market, with potentially high rewards for the bold and the brave!
  • Improving infrastructure with funds form the EU.
  • Beautiful countryside and coastal areas – offering great locations for properties in unspoiled landscapes.
  • Increased exposure of the Bulgarian real estate market in the British media (e.g. ‘ A Place in the Sun’, ‘I Want That House’).
  • Flying time is only two and a half to three hours from the UK – making it perfect for weekend city breaks.

The Cons

  • You can not own a property with land as a foreign individual; you have to set up a Bulgarian company.
  • Getting to Bulgaria is still more expensive than some other parts of Europe .
  • You may have to make a quick decision to avoid losing the property, with the increased interest in the region.
  • Financing options may be more limited than if you were to buy in Spain or France for example.
  • Alleged concerns over a two-tier pricing structure.
  • Roads, pavements and other areas of infrastructure are not currently up to Western standards in some areas.
  • Water mains are not available in all areas – you need to check that it is available before you buy or build a well.
  • The summer months are not as long as they are in some other European destinations such as Spain – lasting from May until September.
  • The buying process can seem daunting at first.
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17 Haunting Images Of China’s Ghost Cities

The Chinese government is pushing forward with a massive plan to move 250 million rural townspeople to urban areas over the course of the next 12 to 15 years. In order to meet this goal, it has bulldozed large swaths of farmland and evicted millions of villagers from their homes.

But even as skyscrapers, shopping malls, and office complexes spring up overnight, most of China’s brand new metropolises remain largely vacant. Colorful “For Rent” banners adorn the exteriors of apartment buildings, freshly paved boulevards go days without seeing a single vehicle, and shopkeepers doze on their counters as they wait for customers to arrive.

With over 64 million uninhabited apartments, China’s ghost cities are sad, lonely places to live.

1. Apartment Buildings — Kunming, Yunnan Province

17, haunting, images, of, chinas, ghost, cities,

Via: Panoramio
2. Housing Development — Zhengzhou New District, Henan Province

17, haunting, images, of, chinas, ghost, cities,

Via: Panoramio
3. Starbucks — Zhenjiang, Jiangsu

17, haunting, images, of, chinas, ghost, cities,

Via: Panoramio
4. Waterfront Restaurant — Zhengzhou, Henan Province

17, haunting, images, of, chinas, ghost, cities,

Via: Panoramio
5. No Cars On the Streets — Ordos, Inner Mongolia
6. Traffic Lights, But No Traffic — Unknown
7. Dateline SBS Feature On Vacant Cities in China
8. Real Estate Advertisements — Ordos, Inner Mongolia
9. Huaxi Village, Jiangsu Province
10. Last House Standing — Hefei, Anhui Province
11. Living in a Bus — Hefei, Anhui Province
12. Clothesline — Hefei, Anhui Province
13. Little Boxes — Kashgar, Xinjiang Province
14. “Dead Mall” — New South China Mall, Dongguan, Guangzhou Province
15. Slow Business — New South China Mall, Dongguan, Guangzhou Province
16. “Fake Disneyland” — Wonderland Amusement Park, Outside Beijing
17. Sorry China, Your Customers Are At Another Castle — Wonderland Amusement Park, Outside Beijing

Picture Credit: Nelson Ching

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Rights of a foreigner with Visa D in the EU

Visa D

What happens if you are a citizen of an EU country and get marry to a foreigner who is not a citizen of an EU country and want to travel around Europe? The spouse is entitled with his partner to visit EU countries without a visa up to 90 days, as a family member of an EU citizen under Directive 2004/38/EC. In this case, no matter if the spouse has a long visa for Bulgaria. He / she has a derivative right partner directly right of free movement in the EU. Read more ›

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Rates for insurance of foreign citizens in the Republic of Bulgaria

Insurance cover 60,000 lev (€ 30,000).

Read more ›

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Alfa City offers properties in Greece!

Most properties are within the area between Paralia Ofrinio (or Tuzla) and Kavala – almost 60 km of properties! Paralia Ofrinio is a resort, located in 58 km from Kavala Read more ›

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Алфа Сити ще предлага имоти и в Гърция!

Алфа Сити ще предлага имоти и в Гърция!

Повечето имоти са разположени в района между Кавала и Паралия Офринио (или Тузла), общо около 60 км. Паралиа Офринио е курортно селище намиращо се на 58 км от Кавала, 28 км от Аспровалта и на 86 км от втория по големина град в Гърция – Солун. С перфектна локация и 25 километрова плажна ивица, районът е прекрасно място както за лятна почивка, така и за постоянно живеене. Read more ›

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THE PAST: Bulgarian seaside, summer 1968!

Text: ViewSofia
Photography: Press

While scouring the blogosphere, we came across something so refreshing and wonderful that I could not share it with you! Something that made us nostalgic for a time when we did not even lived …

We found pictures of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast of the past, together in an album named BULGARIAN BLACK SEA COAST, the issue is from Sofia Press and the year is 1968.

The album is entirely in English. Author of the album is Strashimir Rashev layout Strashimir Rashev as well and Konstantin Halatchev. The text is from Boyan Bolgar. Editor – Dimitar Mihaylov, translation (English) Margarita Alexieva, editor of English Nevena Jelqzkova.

According to the blogger hemingway, who is the inventor of this treasure, the album does not have a price printed on the cover, which could means, that it was not for sell, but an advertising material about foreigners. It is owned by a former pilot BGA “Balkan”, so I assume that may have been distributed for promotional purposes on board.

We wish you a really lovely walk through the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in 1968.

Abundance. Picture: Николай Попов.

Kaliakra, Cape of legend. Picture: Сава Бояджиев.

Near Arkoutino. Picture: Петър Божков.

Sea Gulls. Picture: Димо Димов.

Rhapsody in blue. Picture: Димо Димов.

Tauk Liman. Picture: Сава Бояджиев.

At Cape Agalina. Picture: Николай Попов.

The Red Rocks. Picture: Николай Попов.

Dunes near Arkoutino. Picture: Петър Божков.

The white shores of Balchik. Picture: Константин Халачев.

From the park of the Balchik Palace. Picture: Радослав Парушев.

Balchik. The Palace. Picture: Константин Халачев.

The Rock monastery of Aladja. Picture: Константин Халачев.

Dolce farniente. Picture: Петър Божков.

Freshness. Picture: Борис Максимов.

Amid the dunes. Picture: Петър Божков.

Sunset over Balchik. Picture: Константин Халачев.

The shores of Varna. Picture: Радослав Парушев.

The panoramic road. Picture: Димо Димов.

Zlatni Pyassatsi (Golden Sands). Picture: Радослав Парушев.

Golden Sands. The Glarus hotel . Picture: Радослав Парушев.

Holydaymakers. Picture: Радослав Парушев.

Interior of one of the hotels. Picture: Христо Йоцов.

The warm coves of Korenyata. Picture: Николай Попов.

The Albatros Pastry Shop at Drouzhba. Picture: Константин Халачев.

Margarita by the sea. Picture: Константин Халачев.

A find from the sea bottom. Picture: Любомир Димов.

Along the picturesque River Kamchia. Picture: Радослав Парушев.

Farewell to the Black Sea. Picture: Торос Хорисян.

Slunchev Bryag (Sunny Beach) . Picture: Торос Хорисян.

International students centre . Picture: Петър Божков.

Near Drouzhba . Picture: Димо Димов.

My friends wife. Picture: Константин Халачев.

A difficult problem. Picture: Христо Славов.

Who’s taking my picture. Picture: Димо Димов.

On board the pirate ship. Picture: Торос Хорисян.

All out fishing. Picture: Петър Божков.

Carp from the river Ropotamo. Picture: Петър Божков.

Camping. Picture: Николай Попов.

Taking precautions. Picture: Николай Попов.

From down till dusk. Picture: Николай Попов.

Sand sand everywhere. Picture: Петър Божков.

Night at Golden Sands. Picture: Радослав Парушев.

At the night club. Picture: Христо Йоцов.

Miss Varna 1965. Picture: Радослав Парушев.

Return form the beach. Picture: Васил Иванов.

A talk. Picture: Христо Йоцов.

…and grapes. Picture: Христо Йоцов.

At Harmanite. Picture: Николай Попов.

Sun worshipper. Picture: Христо Йоцов.

Baptism in the sea. Picture: Торос Хорисян.

He wаnt go along. Picture: Димо Димов.

On the quiet sheltered beach. Picture: Димо Димов.

Still further south. Picture: Николай Попов.

An interesting find. Picture: Петър Божков.

In the forest by the beach. Picture: Торос Хорисян.

Fishermens chores. Picture: Николай Попов.

At the end of September. Picture: Христо Йоцов.

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